Marketing Campaign Design

Marketing Campaign Design

Project Details

Website: Morning Consult →

Role: Art Director

Collaboration: Natalie White, Hannah Cusworth

Date: 2022


This marketing campaign was designed to realign the brand with Morning Consult product’s new direction and the evolving trends in the surveying industry.

In 2022, we took on the task of reshaping our brand's direction. As part of this, I kicked off a marketing campaign to realign our messaging and visuals to fit this new vision. We decided to focus on "Decision Making", a theme that we felt really hit home with our industry and spoke to our unique value.


The timing was ideal - our product was evolving, we were adding new features and our user base was growing. We were ready to tell everyone why choosing us was the right decision, and why the time was right.


As the art director, I collaborated with a voiceover artist, an animator, and another designer to create an announcement video. The project had a lot of different parts, including social media ads, emails for clients and leads, a website redesign, and new videos and animations.

Campaign video

One of the challenges I faced was to come up with a balance of showing a product elements and elements of the new design campaign. We ended up landing on a style that was very flexible, welcoming, interesting and not overwhelming as other enterprise software products.

The campaign ran for about eight months and got a lot of attention - even our competitors started to pick up on our style. At the same time, our brand itself was getting a refresh. We moved away from our old, more serious image, and started to present ourselves as friendly, approachable, and easy to understand. It was a big shift, but one that was crucial for putting our users at the forefront of our strategy.


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