Consumer Trust Video Ad

Consumer Trust Video Ad

Project Details

Role: Designer, Art Director, Animator

Date: 2021


Embarking on a thought-provoking marketing campaign that delved into the critical concept of brand trust.

In a world still adjusting to the "new normal," our B2B audience was eager to understand how they should approach communication with their own customers. Drawing from our own survey data, this campaign took our annual ranking report release and went beyond the surface, uncovering the meaning of "trust" for brands in today's landscape.

As the creative force behind this initiative, I not only crafted the original ad but also art directed its various iterations. We created different versions tailored for shorter formats, social media, and advertisements. The messaging had a touch of drama, centering around one fundamental question: What does it truly mean to trust a brand? Our aim was to encourage the audience to reflect on which brands they had placed their trust in at the onset of the pandemic.


Navigating this project presented its fair share of challenges. The marketing strategies that were effective before the pandemic no longer resonated with the current climate. We knew we had to take a slightly different approach. Our goal was to strike a balance, capturing attention and explaining quickly why trust mattered more than ever.

Main Video Ad - 120sec

Online Ad - 10sec

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