Full Bio

Hey there! I'm Vlad, a passionate and experienced design professional with a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Washington. Over the past 15 years, I've had the opportunity to work with prestigious companies like Cvent and Morning Consult, where I've led creative teams and developed impactful branding and marketing materials.

I started my journey at Cvent as a Graphic Designer and eventually became the Lead Visual Designer in UX. I played a critical role in developing the Cvent Design System and creating brand guidelines that drove the company's visual identity for over a decade. I even got to art-direct the annual Cvent CONNECT conference in Las Vegas for three consecutive years!

Currently, I'm the Design Director of Brand and Marketing at Morning Consult. Here, I bring design excellence to the brand, marketing campaigns, the website, and video + motion production. I align our creative vision with marketing goals and foster a culture of collaboration and innovation within the design team. My expertise in branding and identity, campaign design, project management, and event design has made me a well-rounded creative leader.

I'm proficient in visual design tools, can animate, make videos and tell stories through presentations. I've received numerous awards and certifications, including a Leader of the Year Award in Marketing at Cvent and a UX Design Certificate from Coursera.

One random fact about me: I was born in Ukraine on the exact date of the Chernobyl disaster and moved to the US when I was 12. Since then, I've been a self-taught learner, always eager to explore new skills and knowledge.

When I'm not designing, I enjoy staying up-to-date with the latest in technology, cars, urban planning, spaceflight, and space exploration. I'm also a pet lover, an avid traveler, and love to explore new cities, taste new foods, and learn new skills on YouTube. With a unique background and a passion for all things creative, I'm excited to showcase my exceptional talent and dedication to the world of design through my portfolio.

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